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Office and Hospital In Service

The information on Breastfeeding fills an important function in educating and supporting families. It is one of the most important gifts to give your newborn. It contains all the right ingredients in just the right amounts. Also, breatfeeding protects your baby from illness and infection. In addition, for critically ill and premature babies, breastfeeding may be their best chance of health and survival. We provide a wealth of information on the how and why to breastfeed.
  • Consultation: Breastfeeding
  • Duration: 1 Hour - 2 1/2 Hours
  • Cost: Starting at $75
Please contact us at: 954-749-9990 to schedule an appointment.


Baby Care and Parenting

The birth of a new baby has been identified as a critical period for learning as well as a time of stress in which parents are confronted with new roles, relationships, and daily activities. Parents do not automatically have the skills that result in accurate expectations of their newborn’s and ability to respond. Realistic expectations are learned and not instinctual. Many people enter parenthood believing that their baby is a piece of clay to be molded. That is why we assist them in making this important physiological, physical, and emotional transition.
  • ConsultationBaby Care and Parenting
  • Duration1 Hour - 2 1/2 Hours
  • CostStarting at $75
Please contact us at: 954-749-9990 to schedule an appointment.