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At a mother’s choice, we want to educate, train, support and empower families to maintain health and wellness through prenatal and postnatal education. In addition, we offer childbirth, breastfeeding support, and early parenting services.

Through our educational workshops and support services, many families feel empowered with a better knowledge and understanding of the birthing process, breastfeeding and child rearing. They are better able to enhance their quality of life while preparing for the birth of their child.

For over 15 years, a mother’s choice has been a positive force within the South Florida community, servicing the tri- county areas of Miami- Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach.
When should a baby start eating solid foods such as cereals, vegetables, and fruits?
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When should a baby start eating solid foods such as cereals, vegetables, and fruits?

Breast milk alone is sufficient to support optimal growth and development for approximately the first 6 months after birth. For these very young infants, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that water, juice, and other foods are generally unnecessary. Even when babies enjoy discovering new tastes and textures, solid foods should not replace breastfeeding, but merely complement breast milk as the infant's main source of nutrients throughout the first year. Beyond one year, as the variety and volume of solid foods gradually increase, breast milk remains an ideal addition to the child's diet.

For additional breastfeeding recommendations, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics' Breastfeeding and the Use of Human MilkExternal Web Site Icon.

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